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Transport construction  involves the construction of structures and related infrastructure related to the field of transport. This area is wide and includes land, air, sea and river, as well as underground and pipeline transport.


he transport industry includes a huge number of objects — this is not only a road or railway track, but it means the electrification of all systems and related elements: stations, airports, moorings and other structures.


A separate direction of the transport industry is the construction of the subway, which today is continuous.
Transport construction today is one of the priority areas of our activity, as FM Engineering specialists can provide the most modern and qualified scope of work, starting from the design and implementation of construction projects and ending with the provision of contracting services and core works.


A separate point is the timely receipt of all necessary permits. It is also necessary to remember the high requirements for the environmental friendliness of the materials used, because we will use not only ourselves, but also our descendants, objects of transport construction.

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