• Railway transport

Railway infrastructure construction

One of the main activities of the FM Engineering & nbsp; group is the design, construction, reconstruction and ongoing maintenance of railway construction facilities.

FM Engineering Group & nbsp; performs the whole range of works related to the construction and reconstruction of railway infrastructure.



FM Engineering Group & nbsp; carries out the construction of:


— ways of general and non-general use;

— construction of access roads to industrial enterprises;

— construction of internal routes;

— construction of buildings and structures both for industrial use and for residential use



Current path content


A set of works to eliminate defects that occur during the operation of railways. The timely elimination of such defects at the initial stage of their occurrence can delay the overhaul.


This includes: monitoring the condition of the track and structures, preventing and eliminating malfunctions, inspecting the track with filling out the defective list, leveling the track, adjusting the rail-sleeper grid, changing the sleepers, rails and switches, repairing deadlocks and other work.

Picking and
Innovation and
Operation of
buildings and structures