• Air Infrastructure Facilities

Construction of aircraft facilities — one of the priority areas of FM Engineering. All aircraft buildings designed and built by the specialists of our company comply with all the norms, standards and requirements imposed on them. Thus, turning to us, you can be fully confident in the durability and reliability of the building.


The range of our services in this area is extensive. Our customers can order from us construction of aviation terminals, hangars and any other buildings of this orientation. We have our own engineering department, which creates building projects. When ordering an individual project from us, you can be sure that it will fully comply with your technological task, and its development will be carried out taking into account the specifics of buildings for the aviation industry.


Construction of aircraft buildings Turnkey» is carried out in a short time. Our experts will not only develop a project for you, but also carry out construction in accordance with it, conduct engineering communications and finishing work. High speed of work is achieved due to the fact that their installation is carried out without the use of welding, with the help of durable bolts.

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