• Civil Engineering

grstroy-contentCivil engineering is an industrial capital construction, the proposed construction of non-production facilities, which include: residential, office and administrative buildings, educational, health and cultural facilities, housing and communal services and public catering, as well as sports facilities, shopping, entertainment and hotel complexes Thus, civil engineering is characterized by a constant update of technology.

Despite the fact that the volume and pace of construction of objects in civil engineering has not fully recovered after the crisis in the Russian economy, the prospects for the industry are favorable. Recently, Russia has simplified the procedure for the provision and registration of land for construction, and this is a prerequisite for the successful development of the industry.


The main direction of civil engineering is housing. Providing the population with quality housing is one of the main government tasks. Focusing on the solution of this problem, the constituent entities of the Russian Federation form urban policy. These actions are gradually giving results — the volume of housing being built is growing.


Prospects for the development of civil engineering in Russia are related to the general economic situation in the country and regions. The construction of civilian objects — residential buildings, shopping centers, sports fields, stadiums, educational institutions, hospitals, museums, theaters — is directly related to the well-being of people. The development of this industry is the main indicator of the quality of life of the population of our country.


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