• Oil and gas industry

neft-otr-contentThe construction of the oil and gas industry is considered a very highly specialized area.


he giant companies that are engaged in construction in the oil and gas sector always have a competent approach to solving production issues, while relying on their own technological capabilities to carry out research and design processes.



Preparation for construction in the oil and gas industry at the first stage of work includes a detailed survey of construction sites. The collection, analysis and evaluation of all information that is obtained in the process of geological, environmental, metrological studies of the industrial field of deposits is carried out.


The second stage is the formation of project documentation, as well as other passports, drawings, where all the details are included, as well as the reasons for the impact on the outcome of the work and the timing of the processes.


Then, after the results obtained by specialists in the safety of all structures and the operation of each building and structure, all documentation is agreed upon, results are summarized, and one common project is formed.


— The construction of the oil and gas industry consists of the following works:

— General construction processes and the construction of industrial buildings;

— Installation of electrical appliances and electrical systems;

— Installation and functional testing of devices and mechanisms;

— Actions related to the corrosion protection of objects;

— Performance of work on the establishment of equipment.



The construction of the oil and gas industry is very widespread throughout the Russian Federation, because hydrocarbon resources, as well as products of their processing, are in high places in the commodity sphere of world trade. Oil and natural gas play a major role in the international market balance. They make up 3/5 of the total fuel consumption. The oil and gas segment is a huge complex of companies among all international corporations.


The construction of the oil and gas industry is carried out using modernized high-quality installations and units, innovative technological developments. Such equipment is provided by leading Russian enterprises, which are reliable and efficient structures that carry out all work in a timely manner.


Now the oil and gas region of the Russian Federation is a large business sector that has influence not only in the state territory, but also abroad. However, even under such favorable conditions, oil and gas production needs to be promoted and invested.

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