• Construction Design

project-content       Construction design is the process of developing and designing a specific construction task, as well as displaying it in drawings and diagrams. The displayed documentation, drawings and diagrams must comply with certain standards so that all construction professions participating in the construction have the opportunity to obtain data on the parameters of building parts, their sizes and materials from these drawings and diagrams.



Construction design continues during construction. For each construction task, construction design is required.


Types of building design


Depending on the construction task, four different areas of construction design are distinguished: design of surface construction, design of engineering structures, roads and landscape planning, as well as special design. Design of overground construction is carried out by civil engineers (architects), engineering issues are solved by civil engineers (statics). Design of engineering structures, roads and landscape planning are carried out respectively by engineers of underground construction, road construction and landscape planners.


Special design is undertaken by specialists in heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers. In most construction tasks, many design areas are usually intertwined, and the engineering area to which this construction task belongs takes on the coordination of work and the functions of the general contractor.


Basics of building design


The foundations of building design are the legal and technical building rules regarding the function and form of the building project. Construction legal rules (legal norms) are issued by federal bodies, land bodies and bodies of municipalities. Building technical regulations (recognized construction engineering rules) are law for designers. This ensures that the project and its implementation comply with safety and consumer quality requirements.



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