• Collection of initial permits

The package of documents collected by the technical customer, necessary to obtain a permit for the construction of a building or structure, is called the initial permissive documentation.


Pre-design study and preparation of initial permits (IRD) is the initial stage of the construction project, the development of the initial data determines the quality parameters, volumes and financial needs for the construction of the property. This stage of construction is inevitable, often long.


The IRD kit includes a land plot plan, the location of the future building on the ground, the designation of the land boundary, as well as technical and economic indicators of the building. It also includes recommendations and requirements received from matching government agencies. When the entire set of documents is assembled, the technical customer begins the design phase, the designer receives a set of initial data and a detailed technical task. The initial permissive documentation in the kit is sufficient to obtain a building permit and the subsequent commencement of construction work.


On the composition of the IRD and the legal procedure for preparing for the construction and erection of buildings there are chapters 5 and 6 of article 51 of the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation.


Obtaining a set of documents of initial permissive documentation for designing a new construction or performing major repairs is carried out by the developer who manages the land. The technical customer, in accordance with the instructions of the developer, under the contract, acts on his behalf and collects the entire IRD.
After passing the town-planning council, receiving local administration decisions on design, passing public hearings on the facility, the technical customer orders the creation of design documentation, which must be agreed upon in the State Expertise.


If the developer is an investor and it is in his interests to optimize the terms of the pre-construction stage, reduce costs for the upcoming construction, the technical customer is interested in the same and has previous experience that will reduce the pre-project stage and collect a package of documents in the planned term.



The composition of the package of initial permits


Decisions, orders of the administration

Technical specifications of TU for connection to utility networks: heat supply, electricity, water supply and sewerage, storm sewer, roads

Urban Plan of the Land, GPZU

Conclusion of state examination of the project

Building permit

Conclusion on the compliance of the constructed object with the designed (AIA)

Permission to put an object into operation


As part of the IRD — the order of the head of the local administration to develop the project if the developer is the local administration. If the developer is a company, an individual is a letter of application from him to the local administration. Legal basis — land lease agreement or certificate of ownership of a land plot.

The urban planning substantiation includes a topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1: 2000, on which there are borders of constructed and planned capital construction objects, borders of other structures, roads, engineering networks, buildings and territories of historical and cultural heritage, protected natural resources, public areas, land with special conditions use involving various kinds of restrictions in the form of red lines. The terrain plan reflects the boundaries of the development site and the future building or complex of buildings.

The rationale involves taking into account the interests of neighbors, the data of the general plan for the development of the territory. The justification in the process of work should lead to the passage of the meeting of the town-planning council and the receipt of the town-planning conclusion.



What documents are needed to develop a project for planning the territory, passing public hearings and the town-planning council?


Property Information

Certificate or lease, land plot cadastral plan

Approved urban documentation

Settlement plan

Town-planning conclusion (if the placed object corresponds to the previously determined purpose of the territory)

Urban planning justification (when changing the category of land or type of permitted use)

Decisions, decisions and tasks of the local administration

Administration decree on authorizing the development of a draft territory planning

Permission to demolish buildings, if any, within the boundaries of the construction site

Permit to cut down green spaces, if any

Engineering Survey Materials

Geodetic Surveys

Geological engineering surveys

Environmental Engineering

Hydrological engineering surveys

Acts and conclusions of supervisory services

Documents issued by TsGSN, firefighters of the Ministry of Emergencies, traffic police, Rosprirodnadzor and other services

Technical specifications

Water pipes

Sewerage household

Storm sewer

Heat supply

Gas supply

Power supply

Telephone installation and radio

Roads: STSI, RDU / Mosavtodor / FUAD


A clear plan for working with regulatory authorities, designers, government institutions and committees is the key to minimizing the cost of collecting all documents. For the construction of large structures, a package of documents can be prepared for a period of one to two years.


A complete set of IRD allows you to obtain a building permit, a key document that legalizes the investor’s rights to build what is intended.


Registration of initial permits by experts of our company is faster due to experience, specialization, knowledge. For example, specifications can be optimized to minimize the cost of laying utility networks for connecting an object. A number of actions to obtain approvals and permits can be simultaneous, which, with skillful planning, reduces the time needed to obtain a building permit.

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