• Development of design documentation


A prerequisite for the execution of construction work on a legal basis is duly prepared and confirmed by the examination project documentation, which includes detailed information about the various characteristics of the objects. In particular, the documents should contain reliable data on engineering equipment, architectural and functional technological solutions, as well as structural features of the structure. The specially designed graphic and text materials are necessary to ensure the reconstruction, construction and repair of capital buildings of any functional purpose.


Of course, without the availability of special skills and knowledge, it is impossible to cope with the preparation of the necessary papers, which is why more and more private contractors and large developers are turning to specialists in this field. Indeed, why spend a ton of time, effort and money on preliminary events, if you can entrust these responsibilities to real masters who will cope with the task of any level of complexity in a short time.


Over the years, FM Engineering has gained a reputation as a reliable partner with optimal conditions for cooperation, so if you require the development of project documentation, then the best solution is to contact us. Moreover, in accordance with legislative standards, this work can be performed exclusively by individuals (individuals or legal entities) who have a certificate with admission from a self-regulatory organization. Strict requirements are due to the fact that the quality of the preparation of project documentation directly depends on the safety of structures, as well as its other operational and technical characteristics.



Professional approach to the development of project documentation


If it is necessary to prepare design documents, it is much more profitable for both the developer and the customer to use the services of an expert institution, since this will eliminate the risk of errors and delays in providing the necessary documentation. Our experts work in strict accordance with the rules established by law, taking on the responsibility for the preparation, preparation and verification of project documentation with the requirements of various technical regulations. By the way, you can contact us not only for integrated development, but also for the implementation of individual stages, while we guarantee a qualified approach and a reasonable cost of services.


More recently, significant changes were made to the legislation in the field of construction, according to which there is no clear sequence of design stages. At the same time, the development of project documentation seems to be very important, since it determines the constructive, architectural, construction and technological solutions that are reflected in the working documentation, determining its composition, scope and content. It should be noted that, with the exception of individual cases, for example, during the construction, repair and reconstruction of individual residential buildings with no more than three floors, the implementation of measures for the preparation and creation of project documentation is mandatory.


The number of sections of project documentation may vary, as well as the form of information display. Only experts are able to understand all the intricacies and provide the customer with the entire list of necessary documents, ranging from an explanatory note and space-planning decisions, to information on engineering equipment, the project for the organization of construction (or reconstruction and dismantling), as well as measures aimed at observing energy efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, we will take care of drawing up an estimate for the construction, taking into account the current prices of supplies and services for workers.

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