• Development of projects for the organization of construction and work

Construction experience shows that it is possible to properly organize construction production only if there is a comprehensive design and technology documentation — construction organization projects (PIC) and work production projects (PPR). The procedure for developing these documents is set out in SNiP 12-01-2004 «Organization of Construction». PIC is developed by the General Designer or, upon his request, by another design organization, and is a binding document for the customer and organizations involved in the construction and logistics of the facility.



PIC source materials include:


— feasibility study (feasibility study) of construction and design assignment;

— materials of engineering surveys (during reconstruction of objects — materials of their pre-design technical examination);

— decisions on the use of materials, mechanisms and resources;

— information on the terms of delivery of building structures, products and equipment;

— space-planning and structural solutions of objects and basic technological schemes of construction;



The composition of the PIC includes the following basic documents:


— a construction schedule, which defines the timing and order of construction of the main and auxiliary buildings with the distribution of capital investments by construction periods;

— construction master plans for the preparatory and main periods of construction;

— organizational and technological schemes that determine the sequence of construction of objects and work;

— statements of the volumes of the main construction, installation and special construction works with the allocation of work on the main buildings and structures and periods of construction;

— statements of need for building materials and equipment with a distribution by calendar periods of construction;

— a schedule of the need for basic construction vehicles; schedule of the need for personnel of builders in the main categories;

— an explanatory note containing the basic data for the development of organizational and technological solutions of the project, the rationale for the methods of organization and technology of construction production, the need for personnel and material and technical resources, methods of construction work, a list of environmental conditions, technical and economic indicators (TEC) .


The composition and content of the PIC can vary depending on the complexity and specificity of the designed objects, the need for special auxiliary structures, fixtures and installations, the characteristics of certain types of work, as well as the conditions for the delivery of materials, structures and equipment to the construction site.


PIC for simple objects can be developed in a reduced volume. It consists of a construction schedule; construction master plan (construction plan); data on the volume of construction and installation works and construction needs for basic materials, product designs and equipment; schedule requirements for construction vehicles and vehicles; brief explanatory notes, including labor protection measures; technical and economic indicators.



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