• Technical and architectural supervision during construction


What is technical supervision in construction?


This is a set of expert verification activities. Its purpose is to ensure that the conditions of the project are strictly followed. In particular, this refers to the timing, cost, volume and quality, according to which work should be carried out. Technical supervision in construction is also carried out in relation to the materials used.



Features of expert verification activities


— Technical supervision in construction (SNiP establishes the necessary requirements) is an integral part of the process of construction or reconstruction of structures.

— Expert evaluation activities begin from the project development stage and end with the final commissioning of the facility.

— Duties of technical supervision in construction

— The tasks of the events include ensuring the following:

— High quality construction work. Implementation of the project in accordance with the specified volumes and terms.

— The use of building materials that were originally planned. Implementation of the project with the exception of the excess cost of the workflow.



werfwe3232Architectural supervision is a type of quality control that identifies deficiencies in the implementation of design decisions. It is carried out at the construction stage. The designer controls the compliance of the construction work with the provisions of the design, working and estimate documentation.


During construction, a situation is typical when the contractor unreasonably deviates from design decisions. Therefore, to achieve an investment plan, supervision is critically important.


The presence of control by the designer guarantees compliance with the requirements of design and regulatory documentation. Deviations are justified. In this case, supervision allows you to quickly and competently make changes to the project.


Architectural supervision in construction involves verification without the use of control and measuring and instrumental means, i.e. carried out visually or according to documents. In practice, it may turn out that it is impossible or inexpedient to assess the fulfillment of certain project requirements without instrumentation. In such cases, supervision is carried out in conjunction with instrumental control.


The project for the construction or reconstruction of facilities includes various components: architecture, planning, technological and engineering solutions, communications, and environmental protection. These components should be implemented in the form they are designed and developed by the designer.
The purpose of architectural supervision in construction is to exclude unreasonable deviations from the requirements of design, working and budget documentation. This is a guarantee that the construction project will be put into operation, and its characteristics will be consistent with the investment plan.


Architectural supervision is carried out in relation to: construction and installation works, a construction project, structural elements and systems, executive and budget documentation, procurement documentation, materials and equipment.

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