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BREEAM and LEED Building Certification


There are several systems for assessing the energy and environmental performance of buildings. They form the quality standards in the modern construction industry. The most famous of the American LEED system and the English BREEAM. Both systems evaluate energy and environmental aspects. 

LEED is more about building energy efficiency. Both systems are rated, but in the LEED system per section • Energy Efficiency ’you can get more points than in BREEAM. If it is important to assess the environmental aspects, environmental materials, it is better to use BREEAM.

dsfe4435t45BREEAM standard it is characterized by flexibility and adaptability to local building codes and practices. Two different buildings that have received BREEAM certification. may differ significantly in the set of environmental parameters. A LEED. on the contrary, it strictly regulates the use of American standards for certification systems and materials. LEED minimum requirements are quite high and buildings at a basic level are easy to compare.

Building certified by LEED or BREEAM-standard of European quality. Certification takes place in two stages: for design and construction. An object is considered certified when a certificate is ready at the stage of putting the object into operation.

Therefore, the certification deadlines are tightly tied to the construction deadlines. In addition, it will take about two months to collect documentation, 2 weeks to prepare a report, and about a month for expert evaluation to certified bodies.

For successful certification of a building, a consultant should be invited already at the design stage. For example, at the stage of preliminary design. But for successful certification, all participants in the construction process must participate in the work: designers, subspecies, the customer, and even future tenants.

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The goal of environmental standards is the minimal impact on the environment and the minimum consumption of resources (water, energy, materials) throughout the entire life cycle of the building. Green standards are tougher standards that are constantly being updated.
Key prerequisites (to which increased attention is paid)
site (transport position, road parking, fuel, etc.)

Production and delivery of building materials
building operation is accompanied by a large amount of water, energy and waste generation and transport accessibility of the building. Access to the building affects the environment.

Picking and
Innovation and
Operation of
buildings and structures