• Engineering Systems Integration

To ensure comfortable living conditions for humans, complex systems of ventilation, air conditioning and heat supply are used. In addition, such systems as lighting, fire-fighting systems, water supply and sewerage, heating systems, security systems, etc., function in the building. For highly reliable and safe operation of these systems, automation and dispatching tools are used. They make it possible to ensure service mobility, reduce operating costs by reducing energy consumption and improving the reliability of equipment, as well as reduce operating costs, optimize production processes.




Centralized automation and scheduling systems allow integrating the following engineering, information and communication subsystems into a single control system: Engineering systems of the power protection system, monitoring and protection against voltage surges, as well as backup power systems; climate control and control systems in the building, including ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems; water supply control and management systems; lighting control and management systems.

Information and communication systems telephony (automatic telephone exchange of a building, Internet telephony); broadcasting network; unified computer networks of the enterprise scale. Integrated security systems; fire alarm; video monitoring; access control; perimeter security; automatic fire extinguishing.



Moreover, the building automation systems themselves consist of three components:


1. communication and cable systems;

2. executive and setting devices;

3. programming environment, with which the system is managed.





fsfewfw43r4ewf43Due to the fact that the automation of the whole complex of engineering systems is an expensive task, the FM Engineering team, when working with the Customer, helps to choose the most economically feasible solution depending on the needs and requirements of the Customer.


When choosing the technologically correct solutions for the automation of engineering systems of a building, our company is guided by: the correct consideration of norms, current standards; assessment of components of security systems; assessment of organizational and technical measures for the physical protection of material objects and financial resources; analysis of the systematic nature of the envisaged protective measures; assessment and development of systems of measures to ensure the preservation of material values; the development of systems and measures to ensure the security of information resources.


At the same time, we are working towards the achievement of the following goals: cost savings during operation of the building; ensuring the implementation of workflows that are comfortable in the building; creating an enterprise information infrastructure, ensuring information security, reliability, performance of information systems; achieving the ability of the building services and subsystems to prevent the occurrence of extreme situations, and when they occur, to prevent or minimize material losses.


Currently, the FM Engineering group is able to comprehensively solve the problem of building automation and act as a system integrator that implements technical solutions for the entire complex of building engineering systems.




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