• Supply of technological equipment

FM Engineering is one of the suppliers of high-tech equipment and services in the field of technological systems and equipment.


During the period of work, the specialists of our company have implemented a number of complex projects for various enterprises:

— oil and gas and petrochemical industries;

— metallurgical and energy complex;

— construction and food industry;

— engineering and light industry;

— various state and commercial organizations and companies.

By technology consulting and distribution in the Russian Federation we understand:

— comprehensive supply of equipment and engineering services to enterprises of various industries, construction, supply and operating companies and organizations;

— carrying out installation and commissioning works at customers’ facilities;

— consulting and marketing services in the field of equipment supplies, selection of non-standard technological and analytical equipment of Russian and foreign production;

— project management of construction and reconstruction of facilities and installations;

— representation of interests of foreign companies / manufacturers of equipment and services in Russia and the CIS countries;

— organization of seminars and conferences for specialists of industrial enterprises and organizations.


Types of equipment and systems supplied by us:


Technological equipment, fittings, pumps, filters

Instrumentation and analytical equipment

Filters and filtration systems for various processes

Power and transformer equipment

Gas cleaning systems and filters

Gas purification, preparation and purification systems

Equipment for the packaging of bitumen

Equipment for granulation of sulfur and other molten products

Equipment for industrial cooling systems

Burner systems, industrial furnaces

Heat exchange equipment

Boiler equipment, chimneys

Compressor equipment

Gas-intensive equipment

Compensators and compensation devices

Activated Carbons and Catalysts

Equipment for fire extinguishing systems

Pipes and insulation

Emergency souls and fountains



Picking and
Innovation and
Operation of
buildings and structures