• Commissioning works


Commissioning is carried out in several stages:


— preparatory, the customer issues approved documents for the electrical and technological parts, the operational documentation of the manufacturers, as well as the permission of the regulatory authorities to carry out commissioning;

— the next step is the supply of power to the tested devices / networks, the supply of power occurs only in the absence of people in close proximity to the equipment and in strict accordance with safety measures, identified problems and defective equipment are eliminated;

— individual tests of each piece of equipment, testing of critical modes, operation of protections and hours of operation in normal mode, the commissioning organization fulfills the modes and sets up the operation of the units, at this stage the contractor transmits to the customer test reports with a list of all modes and measurements made;

-at the final stage, a comprehensive launch and testing of systems / networks is performed.


Cost of commissioning


The cost of the work is taken from the current hourly work rate networks, each specialist involved in the process, as well as from the cost of materials and equipment, if any, are used in the commissioning process.


In addition to paying specialists involved, the commissioning, as well as the costs of electrical installation, is affected by the complexity of the equipment under test, as well as the time it takes from preparation to delivery of the systems to the customer with the provision of supporting documentation (test reports, comments, the list of equipment that was replaced) . The type of work contributes to the cost of commissioning. Water supply / drainage systems and heating are regarded differently, as they have different specifics.



Organization of commissioning


The organization of commissioning is carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory and technical documentation for the type of equipment under consideration. The test organizer can be an engineer with a qualification group not lower than the third.



For successful testing, before starting work, the manager must:


— clearly and clear for subordinates in terms of formulating the task;

— conduct safety briefings, talk about protective measures and control the supply of subordinates with personal protective measures;

— acquaint with technological diagrams, equipment drawings, as well as power supply circuits, explain to all subordinates the physical location of the equipment under test;

— discuss and draw up a procedure for supplying power to each of the tested sites;

— equip all participants with communication facilities or report on the location of communication facilities for the prompt transfer of messages, data or other information to responsible persons.


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