• BIM implementation

The introduction of BIM in the world is growing, often with government support. From 2016, work at BIM will be mandatory upon receipt of state budget orders in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and Norway.


The European Parliament by its recent decision encourages such rules for other EU members. The rate of introduction of BIM in North America and Southeast Asia is not decreasing (Fig. 6). Close to the decision on state support for the use of BIM came China, where, for example, using BIM technology for the 2008 Olympics. built «Water cube» — a stadium for water sports. Its honeycomb steel structure consists of 22 thousand beams of rays, not one of them has a straight shape. Belarus is moving in the same direction.


In Russia, there is also a clear revival of interest in BIM, in a number of companies, mainly large and with state participation, the practical application of information models (including BIM) and applications based on them both in domestic projects and abroad has already been successfully deployed.


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