• Industrial safety expertise

Industrial safety of hazardous production facilities — the state of protection of the vital interests of the individual and society from accidents at hazardous production facilities and the consequences of these accidents (Federal Law of 21.07.1997 No. 116-FZ «On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities»).
Industrial safety services:

— examination of industrial safety of technical devices, buildings and structures, design documentation of a hazardous production facility;
— technical examination and diagnostics of technical devices;
— assistance and support during commissioning, registration, obtaining a license for operation of hazardous production facilities;
— development of technical and operational documentation (passport of a technical device, operation manual, safety justification of a technical device, etc.);
— consultations to organizations operating in the field of industrial safety.

Industrial safety expertise — determination of compliance of objects of industrial safety expertise with industrial safety requirements imposed on them.

Have a license to carry out a specific type of activity in the field of industrial safety, subject to licensing in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and ensure the examination of industrial safety of buildings, structures and technical devices used at a hazardous production facility, as well as carry out diagnostics, tests, survey of structures and technical devices used at a hazardous production facility are the responsibilities of the organization operating a hazardous production facility.

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