• Development of regulatory and regulatory documentation

An information system is a programmed algorithm.

In order to program this algorithm, it must be developed in the form of regulations and other regulatory documentation.


The development of regulations begins after the development of a strategy and structure, more precisely, the definition of structural units, their goals, interaction.
And the structure as a whole is the ordering of tasks, roles, powers and responsibilities through which the company operates.
In other words, the structure is not only an organizational chart with units, but also all the regulations of these units and their employees.


The goal that is set during the development of regulations is not that the organization would have a set of quality regulations, but to increase the efficiency of the enterprise so that it effectively implements the organization’s strategy to achieve its goals.


And the development of regulations is inextricably linked with the development of the strategy, while the implementation of the developed strategy is almost impossible without the development and implementation of the relevant strategy of regulations.


Since the strategy is a hierarchy, and it is developed step by step, starting from the level of organization, then the regulations are also a hierarchy, the development of regulations is carried out step by step, starting from the top level of the hierarchy, and ending with the level of specific employees, carried out after the development of the strategy and structure of the organization.


The strategy of the organization and top-level divisions determines the powers of these divisions, the horizontal relationships of the divisions, and the authority for horizontal communications.



The development of the main administrative regulations of the upper level of the hierarchy includes the following steps:


— Based on the strategy, goals of the organization and top-level divisions — the development of regulations for the main business processes in which the divisions participate. Moreover, the horizontal interaction of units is conveniently depicted graphically in separate diagrams.
— Development of regulations on units.
— Development of job descriptions for the head of the unit and his deputy (headquarters).
— Checking the completeness and consistency of the set of top-level regulations.
— Development of regulations for the next level of the hierarchy is carried out similarly, based on the strategy of the top-level unit and the goals of its subordinate units.
— At the lowest level of the hierarchy is the development of job descriptions.



In principle, it is impossible to clearly separate the development of strategies and the development of regulations. Having developed the strategy and regulations of one level of the hierarchy, it is necessary to develop the nomenclature of units of the lower level of the hierarchy, and then the strategy of the lower level of the hierarchy, and only after that, to develop the regulations of the lower level of the hierarchy.


In addition, the development of the following regulations is necessary:



— The regulation of the development of regulations.
— The motivation system that motivates employees, including to work according to the regulations, to implement the regulations.
— Regulation on internal regulations.

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